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PROOF: Atheists faith in God triples when exposed to facebook memes.

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

When exposed to positive Christian messages and memes on facebook, an Atheists faith in God triples to what it once was.

A study was done with 10,000 atheists where they were shown a series of Christian memes, science memes and kitten memes, and how they would react and if their viewpoints at anytime changed. It turns out that atheists, who have zero faith in God and Jesus, after seeing the Christian memes, their faith at least tripled in the belief in Christ.

"Honestly, I was blown away, and mathematically my faith in Christ increased by the power of ten." said one atheist.

Impressed with the numbers, even though they don't understand the math, Christian apologist Rain Baker continued to upload Christian memes and unfounded information to atheist groups.

"If out of a million people who see it, at least one person's faith in god triples, it'll be all worth it." said Baker.

When mentioning that according to mathematics anything multiplied by zero would have a sum of zero, Baker shrugged it off because mathematics wasn't something to be trusted because it wasn't in the bible.

Muslim apologists have joined the fray by posting Mohammed memes into the groups too. "If it works for Jesus, it certainly will work for Mo." said Jaffe Anarearug, a follower of Islam.

Currently the success rate is 100%. They aren't going to go away anytime soon.


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