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Annoying Theist threatens that Hell will be absent of his obnoxious self.

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Claims made by theist that spending eternity with obnoxious self in Heaven, make spending infinity in Hell a better proposition.

The purpose of proselytizing is to convince the recipient the virtues of worshipping a particular deity unto death, and a promise of great rewards in the afterlife.

In a psychological paradox called, 'The Comfort Catch', named after famed theist Ray Comfort, the opposite effect takes hold. The person being proselytizing to, is so put off by the offending religious person, that perfect utopia they describe no longer exists. And the recipient will do everything in their power to get away from them, including going to Hell.

"It's like a smelly foot trying to convince you to spend eternity with them in a perfect shoe. But the foot is a pencil and eternity is me sticking that pencil in my ear canals and gouging my eyes out." says Dr. Larry Urthum, clinical psychologist.

This condition creates a paradox in our minds that even though most of the conditions that heaven would exhibit would be, well heavenly, we would give it up in a New York minute just to avoid having to spend any more time with such an obnoxious person. And that even though the description of Hell is infinitely worse, it is still better than spending any more time with said theist.

Ironically, this tactic is usually used on people of less or no faith, and because the theist is such a sanctimonious piece of shit, this causes the recipient to increase their faithlessness to the point where they engage in arts and crafts to create ant-theist memes to distribute on the internet or even to the extent of creating an anti-theist blog.


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