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Cause an animal to go extinct at exclusive Ark themed restaurant.

Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis, has launched "The Ark Dining Experience" in Kentucky, a new and unique restaurant that only serves two dishes of any particular endangered species.

Pangolin Stew - One of the few dishes on Ark Encounter Restaurant.

Located in the Ark Encounter, Now you can experience what it is like to cause an animal to go extinct, just like in Noah's era by eating animals from the endangered species list. Since its launch in 2016, the Ark Encounter has hosted dozens of gullible Christians and skeptical non-Christians, but recently dwindling patrons has caused Ham to rethink his strategy.

"By citing religious liberty, it has allowed me to catch and serve up animals that are endangered." says Ham. "If God can serve up a flood, then we can serve up the Sumatran orangutang."
Imagine this deep-friend, slathered in BBQ sauce and served on a crusty roll. Delicious.

Ham surmises that Noah and his family must have had to eat parts of the animals to survive. "They ate the legs of all the animals, but that left them still alive to reproduce. All I want to do is replicate that experience with fine dining." What makes the restaurant so unique, is that only two dishes are prepared from any particular endangered species, to give it that authentic 'two by two' feel. When asked what happens to the rest of the animal, Ham just replied, "Only God knows - I'm kidding. We throw it out."

Prices aren't cheap either. Vaquita fin soup will run you $2,500 for each plate. If you add the Saola Tartar, African Forest Elephant Trunk and Turtle Pudding for desert, your meal could run you as much as $20,000. As a takeaway, you do get to keep the Saola horns.

Vaquita Fin Soup is one of the delicacies available for only $2,500


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