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Jewish Scholars create new holiday observing 6 weeks without a holiday.

In an effort to maintain consistency with their holiday schedule, Jewish scholars have created a new holiday in November.

Orthodox Jews celebrating למה לא with pigs in a blanket.

It's no secret that Jews have a lot of holidays. It seems like there is one in every month of the year. "Not quite," says Jewish scholar Rebbe Shmule Mendelbrot. "Cheshvan (November) doesn't have one. So we created a new holiday in November called למה לא." Which roughly translates to, "Why not."

The new holiday למה לא lasts for 24 hours starting at sundown on the 28th of Cheshvan and continues until sundown on the following day and allows Jews to eat anything they desire.

"It is the Jewish equivalent of the movie The Purge," Explains Rebbe Mendelbrot," 24 hours of food lawlessness. You want trafe? You got it. Bacon wrapped shrimp? No problem. BBQ Baby Back Ribs? L'Chaim. But only for 24 hours. Then you have to go back to Kosher."
Bacon wrapped shrimp. Normally would cause Jews to explode, but fine to eat during למה לא

"This kills two birds with one stone," he explained, "we get time off in November, and eat delicious, delicious food we normally wouldn't. It's a win-win."

Haredim or the ultra-Orthodox have taken exception to the holiday and will only eating pigs that have been slaughtered under the laws of Kashrut using a special method of slaughter, shechita.


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