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Trans People worry of molestation by Catholic priests in public bathrooms.

Updated: May 18, 2020

Transgendered people are worried that they'll be molested or raped in a public washroom by a Catholic Priest due to their bad reputation in society.

In a recent poll of 10,000 Transgendered individuals, a good 92% of them are worried about either them, or a child being alone and molested in a public restroom by a Catholic Priest.

"You just can't trust them. They pretend they are one thing, but they aren't. They'll try to molest you when you least expect it." said one pollster.

When asked what they would do differently, the majority responded with they don't know why they even allow Catholic Priests in regular society. It seems that you can't turn on the TV nowadays without some Catholic Priest flaunting their unnatural sexuality and molesting some child. All of those polled wouldn't want their child to watch a Catholic Priest molest a young child or have to explain why the Catholic Priest was wanting to touch them that way.

"Is it even natural? How could you possibly be born that way?" They questioned.

"They expect special privileges in society and they want us respect them for being that way. I mean, why can't they just be like everyone else." remarked one of those questioned.

We are forced against our will to be RC - Religiously Correct.

In this woke era, more people are rallying against being Religiously Correct, foregoing the hurt feelings of Clergy and other religious people because they feel being religious is a choice and they are just seeking attention.

" RC. Man I hate that term. Remember the good old days when religion wasn't shoved down our throats and we could just be who we wanted to be." said another pollster. "They sicken me. They don't even procreate."


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