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Talking donkey continues silent protest because atheists doubt ability.

Belaam's talking donkey from the bible still isn't talking, insulted at atheists doubting his ability to actually speak.

Balaam, amazed that his donkey can now talk, Balaam took his donkey to nearby Judea to show the marketplace and try to earn some coin. This of course brought on naysayers and atheists demanding proof that indeed this donkey of Balaam's can talk. thoroughly insulted at the implications that he can't talk, the donkey decided to stage a silent protest until all the unbelievers ended up believing the story.

"You know how stubborn donkey's are." said Balaam, "There was this one time where he went off the road three times. I asked him what the hell was wrong with him, and he answered me back. He would rather speak to me than do as I ask."

Balaam's side show hasn't raised a lot of money, mostly by people who are looking to score some illicit drugs.

When asking his two servants who were with him if his donkey could talk and what did it say, they just shrugged their shoulders. "We're servants. How do you think we are going to answer?"

Currently the donkey has said only a couple of words and his preferred pronouns are He / Him.


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