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NBC developing new game show: Sarcasm or Judgmental Christian.

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

A word on the street game show where you guess if the answer is meant to be sarcastic or eternal damnation from a judgmental Christian.

NBC, known for such iconic game shows such as 'Let's Make a Deal' and "The Weakest Link" has developed a new show for their Thursday prime time slot.


The contestants are chosen beforehand and aren't told when their turn on the show starts. As they traverse their everyday life, they will encounter a slew of people who are either sarcastic to them, or a Judgmental Christian, all filmed by hidden camera. At the end of the segment, the host Janet Crenshaw brings them into the studio and the tape is played back, and the contestant has to guess if the person who accosted them was just being sarcastic, or if they were a judgmental Christian.

"The idea stemmed out of Sunday Brunch when I saw a bunch of Karens, who just came to church, not only fail to tip their server, but gave her such a hard time for working on a Sunday, in a place that they just patronized." said Josh Kethridge, the show's creator. "The irony didn't escape me."

They had found an untapped resource, considering there is an abundance of judgmental Christians in the USA. For the first three seasons, they didn't even have to leave Mobile, AL.


Janet was a natural choice for the show, she had already completed several unaired religious-themed game show pilots for the network including, "Trafe or not Trafe" where you have to determine if the food you have been given could be Kosher or not and "Which Hindu God is it?", a situational game show where you have to guess which Hindu god is responsible for the stuff mentioned.

Look for Sarcasm or Judgmental Christian on NBC this fall.


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