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Ken Ham seeking $200B for rain machine to simulate biblical flood.

Answers in Genesis opened The Ark Encounter in 2016 and now it seems that the next step of the Ham legacy is to create a rain machine to mimic the biblical flood and drown the Earth.

To those who think The Ark Encounter is Ken Ham's legacy, think again. The $100m dollar theme park/museum is just the tip of the ice berg. Now the Ken Ham company Answers in Genesis is taking the biblical encounter one step further and is looking to make a $200B rain machine to flood the entire planet.

"We have to create the technology, we aren't God, we can't just flood the Earth like that. Ours will take a few years to build." says Ham. "We're hoping to kill everyone."

He said that there is enough room on the Ark Encounter to house two animals of every species and his family. He already has five children, and he is hoping to knock up his wife so they have a sixth, to make it an even 8 people, like in the story.

When asked if he would consider using the rain machine to help the human race by delivering water to regions of the world that are arid or focusing the power of the machine on fire strewn areas like Australia he had this to say, "I couldn't care less about this planet or the people in this life. It's all an illusion. We're not really here. You're not really here. I'm going to be God's ass-kisser in the next life."

The Rain Machine in Construction over the Earth

The initiative as Ham calls it, "Being Wet for God." is expected to roll out early next year after he bilks about $50B dollars in donations from Christians that he wants dead, and another $150B from the state of Kentucky and through numerous religious freedom lawsuits.


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