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Iraqi Mosques move Daycares next to Wedding Chapels for efficiency.

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

In an attempt to become the number one religion in the world, Mosques makes the tenants of the Quran easier to obtain by moving the day cares right next to the wedding chapels.

Mosques commonly serve as locations for prayer, Ramadan vigils, funeral services, Sufi ceremonies, marriage and business agreements, alms collection and distribution, as well as homeless shelters. Historically, mosques were also important centers of elementary education and advanced training in religious sciences.

Iraq's Jaafari Personal Status Law, which covers Iraq’s Shia citizens and residents, prohibits them from marrying non-Muslims, effectively legalizes marital rape, prevents women from leaving the house without their husbands’ permission, and allows girls younger than 9 to be married with a parent’s approval.

In an effort to become more efficient, Iraqi mosques have made it easier for Muslims to enact Jaafari Law by moving the daycares right next to the wedding chapels so the aged Muslim men don't have that far to walk.

"I'm tired of having to go to another part of the building to check out my new bride." said a prospective Muslim husband, "I can hardly walk up a set of stairs anymore, I broke my hip in my 70's."

Another reason for the change is that It's easier to lure the children from the daycare into the wedding chapel with their favorite toy. There is less awkward crying because the distance isn't that great, and children are kind of stupid.

Wedding invitation written with crayons and child's tears.

Women have no say in whether this practice is implemented or not.



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