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Holocaust survivors complain about the inhumanity of wearing masks.

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

It's one thing to be forced into concentrations camps and work until death, but to wear a mask during a global pandemic is a fate worse than that.

Shashonna Rosenfeld remembering the days when she could be in a group of people, even it if was Auschwitz.

New York, NY. Several hundred survivors of the holocaust met on Sunday to discuss how wearing the mask for a few minutes while you are in the presence of others during a global pandemic, is akin to watching your loved ones being sent to the gas chamber in Auschwitz. Even though the survivors are in a high-risk group for people to get COVID 19, it doesn't matter to them.

They don't call them survivors for nothing. Shashonna Rosenfeld, a 90 year old-survivor of Auschwitz, refuses to accept the oppressive regime of protecting the population from sickness. "If I wore a mask every time there was a pandemic, then we'd all be in trouble."

Her anti-masking rhetoric has become progressively worse in society.

"I asked her politely to put on my mask and if she didn't she couldn't enter the store." said Jimmy Travis, Manager at a Ralph's Grocery Store in Reseda. "She said to me, the next thing you'll be sending me to the gas chamber. So I directed her to the propane lock-up. That's when she spit on me."

The survivors meet every Sunday, each time with a new cause. Next week they are meeting to discuss how Socialized Healthcare is worse than the Holocaust.


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