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God volunteers at hospital to deserve the credit he's been receiving.

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Too many people are crediting God with good work doctors are doing during this pandemic.

The pandemic has effected people worldwide and front-line hospital workers have been working around the clock to help people who are effected by the coronavirus. They sometimes go days without proper sleep or equipment and are doing their best do help, heal and save as many people as possible. So it's a little disheartening when the credit is given to someone else, namely God.

"I feel that God had nothing to do with that housewife being cured from the virus, considering that he could have done something to prevent it." said Dr. Larry Wiseman of Georgetown General.

God realized that he was getting credit for something he didn't do, decided to volunteer his services at the hospital considering he wasn't actually doing anything.

This is the first instance of divine intervention since the New Orleans Saints won the Superbowl in 2010. It is not a coincidence.


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