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Fox's new Catholic game show: Beat, Flay Bobby causes controversy.

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

The Fox TV gameshow Flay, Beat Bobby has brought up some human rights concerns.

Fox has a new game show this fall called Beat, Flay Bobby where contestants literally flagellate themselves with razor sharp knives in an effort to show who is more devoted to the lord. It starts with 15 contestants and it is weeded down to just one, where they go up against the all-time believer: Robert 'Bobby' Centurion, a Catholic Monk from Palemo, Italy.

Fox has decided to air this in the Prime Time because they feel their viewership not only is pious and full of the holy spirit, but the audience would also like to see a little blood with their Jesus. They also hope to pull away viewers from such shows as Will and Grace because they feel they are morally bankrupt.

"It's classified as religious programming. Sure it's a game show, but aren't we all in a game show where the winner gets the prize of Jesus?" said show producer, Samantha Cranzton.

Human rights groups are protesting the obvious torture porn that is guised at religious programming. "To produce a show like this, then market on television while you are turning a profit is beyond reproach." said Jamie Sanders, a human rights activist. "How sick are these people?", "Sick for Jesus." Cranzton responded.

Happy contestants ready to test their faith for cash and prizes.

Fox plans on a whole series of Religious Game Shows says Samantha Cranzton, Some of the games shows they have planned are: Science Denier: A game show where they have to guess which Science answers go against the bible and which ones don't. Are they worthy or are they dead? Where a religious couple sees how long their faith can hold out on their sick child. Finally, Snake Handler: Where people test their faith as laid out by Mark 16: 17-18, by handling different degrees of venomous snakes. "We are especially excited about that one. It's like crocodile hunter, but without any respect or training for anything." #satire #parody #religimarole #Beatbobbyflay #Jesus #Catholic


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