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SCANDAL: Christian comic Family Circus' son Billy product of an affair.

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

The Christian household known as the Family Circus will never be the same after Thel confessed that she had an illicit affair and fathered Billy from another man.

Billy, after hearing that his mother is a dirty whore.

We all know the Family Circus as that comic strip from the 70's/80's that showcased a family of 6, Parents Bil and Thel and their 4 young kids, Billy, Dolly, Jeffy and PJ. They were printed in newspaper funny pages and tacked on fridges everywhere. What people don't know is sordid history of Bil and Thel's marriage, and that Billy, the eldest is a product of an extramarital affair.

Currently it isn't known who the father is, but based on Billy's features, it could be Mr. Horton, Bil's boss, or a character we haven't seen.

"You can also tell that Billy is not his Father's child based on his cartooning ability." said detective Dale Vendo, "Art is very much part of the family DNA and Billy just doesn't have it."

This is in reference to the times that Billy draws the comic strip. Obvious to others, and the reason Bil hired the private detective to begin with.

Path that Bil took when finding out that Thel Cheated.


Thel has taken some time out from her family and has moved to Florida to be with her parents while Bil takes care of the kids with the help of his mother.


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