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Muhammad Ali statue vandalized thinking it's of the Islamic prophet.

Some Christian decided to vandalize what they thought was the islamic prophet: A statue of Muhammad Ali.

Defaced with the words 'Jesus Saves' and a crude drawing of Jesus on the crotch, the statue of Muhammed Ali was vandalized in the early morning thinking that it was indeed a statue of the Islamic Prophet Muhammed from his boxing days.

"There was a sign underneath him that said he was the greatest." said vandal Cory Grendal, 'There is only one greatest, and that is the great American Jesus Christ."

Grendal went on to comment that Muhammad was fitter then what he thought, and black, which was odd.

When asked if they ever heard of the great boxer and social activist Muhammed Ali before, having such great fights as The Thrilla From Manilla with Joe Fraizer or the Rumble in the Jungle with George Foreman, Grendal just shrugged his shoulders and said, "No, but I heard Jesus went 12 rounds with the devil and won."

When reminded that in his mythology, the devil still exists, and that all Jesus did was not fall into temptation. So at best, it's a tie.

Cory said it was going to be his life's purpose to travel around the world and deface every statue, painting or depiction of Muhammad. He was going to start in Louisville, Kentucky, the birthplace of Muhammad Ali, then said he was going to then visit a statue of Cassius Clay.


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