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Evolution proven true as Jim Bakker clearly evolved from pond scum.

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

The evolution deniers are hemming and hawing at the latest proof that evolution is true.

Darwin and other 19th-century biologists found compelling evidence for biological evolution in the comparative study of living organisms, in their geographic distribution, and in the fossil remains of extinct organisms.

Since Darwin’s time, the evidence from these sources has become considerably stronger and more comprehensive, while biological disciplines that emerged more recently—genetics, biochemistry, physiology, ecology, animal behavior (ethology), and especially molecular biology—have supplied powerful additional evidence and detailed confirmation.

The amount of information about evolutionary history stored in the DNA and proteins of living things is virtually unlimited; scientists can reconstruct any detail of the evolutionary history of life by investing sufficient time and laboratory resources. Source


But now there is additional proof of evolution, Jim Bakker has clearly evolved pond scum. Nothing is more apprehensible than taking advantage of credulous people and crisis profiteering. Bakker is now being sued by the state of Missouri for selling a colloidal silver as a cure for coronavirus. He doesn't care if people die, all he wants to do is make the kind of fuck you money that others like Pat Roberston, Kenneth Copeland and Joel Osteen have.

Sorry, this post is less satire than I wanted, but it it's hucksters like this that fuel this website and my rage.


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