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BREAKING: Prayer Wall stops devastating tsunami from destroying Miami.

Several Christians finally got together last night and prayed to stop a tsunami from hitting Miami that resulted in a 500 foot prayer wall that stopped the tsunami in its tracks.

Giant Wall of Prayer that saved Miami.

Miami, FL. A large tsunami almost took out Miami yesterday, but was halted by almost fifty good samaritans who stood on the shores and prayed at the incoming tidal wave stopping it in it's tracks saving the coastal city. A Spokesperson for the group said that it just happened to be a freak occurrence that we were all together at the same time.

"It was huge, like out of the movies. It's a good thing I'm good with Jesus, you know what I mean. We saved a lot of lives." Said John Harkerson, one of the praying.

When asked why haven't they gotten together since then and saved a lot of the world's ills like curing cancers, and they responded with a shoulder shrug. "What's in it for me?" one of them said. 'It's not like it pays my bills."

The group of fifty Christians said they didn't know each other beforehand, and it was unlikely that they would ever be in the same place again, so the world is shit out of luck. Because it would take a selfless act to do something like this again. They thought of doing it for money, but apparently that goes against Jesus' teachings.


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