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Ken Ham creates bible-themed children's restaurant Chuck E. Jesus.

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Biblepreneur Ken Ham has launched a bible-themed children's restaurant which includes a talking snake and donkey and forbidden Apple Pie.

Pikeville, Kentucky. Ken Ham, claimed descendent of biblical Ham (Noah's son), and the entrepreneur known for his Christian based businesses like the Ark Encounter and "That's A-Lot-ta Salt" brand seasoning has come up with a new Christian-based business venture, children's bible themed restaurants.

The restaurant has such attractions as: The animatronic talking and singing Donkey / Snake act, unicorns and other fantastical bible creatures that never existed, the Tower of Babel, where kids climb a simulated tower trying to get to heaven and the Temple in Jerusalem which is a pit with foam furniture and wares that they can pretend to riot in. One of the more fun attractions is once an hour, a bald man wanders around the restaurant and kids get to make fun of him and then a couple of bears come out and pretend to eat the kids. Great fun.

"It seems that Christians will pay a lot of money if you slap the mug of Jesus on something." said Ham in an interview.

For a few shekels you can order the kid's meal, you get your burger in a cardboard manger with ketchup, mustard and relish in three wise men shaped bottles, accompanied by a twice-risen baked potato. Snacks include Leper Beef Jerky and cursed figs, and for desert, Forbidden Apple Pie, where one in 30 pies is laced with poison as punishment for the original sin. Other menu items include the Eden Salad, where the lettuce is worn around the genitals of the chef before being served and all steaks are served severely tenderized.


CEC Entertainment, Inc. the owners of Chuck E. Cheese have filed a lawsuit against Ken Ham for Trademark infringement. Ham claimed no similarities.



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