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Boy, 6, caught using vengeful, diabolical prayer against sister, 7.

Anthony Fremont was caught using a diabolical prayer where he asked God to smite his sister for taking is action figures.

Peaksville, Ohio - Anthony Fremont is not any ordinary child, he is one who has figured a loop-hole in Christianity, he has been asking God to do bad things instead of good things.

When asked if knew what kind of power he possessed, and why would he use it for evil, he had this to say, "She is a pain. She takes my stuff and I don't like it."

Anthony's parents brought him to Father Grant, their spiritual advisor. Father Grant sat him down and lectured him about the use of Prayer for evil, to which Anthony called him a "Dummy head and he was going to pray to smite him as well." Father Grant told the parents that it is beyond his control and that he can only pray to reverse the power of evil prayer so it negates it.

"Most Christians don't know what they have with prayer. They have the power to do tremendous good with it, but most of them just want things for themselves, or to win football games. But when one figures out how to use if for the power of evil, we get things like tsunamis or a Trump Presidency." said Father Grant. "Now that this child knows the power, we will have to discourage him to use it for evil. Make him ask God for a bicycle or something."

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