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Webster updates definition of 'American Christian' to include 'of questionable character'.

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Several new words have been updated to the lexicon including 'American Christian'.

Until now the term 'Christian' when used as an adjective meant someone who was generous, sympathetic and helpful. "That's very Christian of you." For the 2020 version of Webster's Dictionary, they have updated the term to include the American version.

"It's now become synonymous with lying, or false privilege." said Jeremy Rathburn, chief word curator at Webster's. " they will say or do anything and pretend to be pious or righteous."

Rathburn then listed off incidences in which American Christians have contradicted themselves in the name of their God. The big one is legislating that gay people shouldn't marry. "Most of these Christians have broken the 10 Commandments, yet they hold the stead-fast belief that gay people shouldn't marry because of a passage in Leviticus."

Rathburn then went on to discuss the actions of the Evangelicals who act holier than thou stating that the bible is the inherent word of God, but then endorse the least Christian President on the planet. "If Christianity is football, then the President is the hockey puck."

American Christian noun

1. A person of the Christian religion who is also from The United States of America

2. a person who behaves dishonestly in order to gain an advantage or privilege."I should be able to legislate women's bodies. because even though it's legal, I'm an American Christian."

• act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage especially in life or examination."I'm an American Christian I demand that you say Merry Christmas or I'll call the cops on you."

• deceive or trick "We don't care what his past is, because he helps us, he is now an American Christian."

 of questionable character. "I can violate the national stay at home order and congregate to pray. I'm an American Christian."

Now when someone does something selfish or purposely goes out of their way to cause someone grief, the words American Christian can be substituted. "You aren't going to sell that wedding cake to gay people? How American Christian of you."

It's not like it really matters, American Christians aren't reading the dictionary anyway.


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