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Talking Bible Donkey suing creators of Shrek for copyright infringement.

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

They say there are no original ideas coming out of Hollywood. This just proves that case.

Hollywood, CA. The talking donkey from the bible has been in litigation with DreamWorks Animation for the last 20 years after suing them over an autobiographical script titled 'Balaam' that contains a talking donkey and for unwarranted use of his likeness in the Shrek movies, television specials and merchandise. He is suing for $400 million.

"The stole my script and likeness and made a several billions of dollars." said the Talking Donkey. "They need to pay for that."


The character originally was voiced by Eddie Murphy is eerily close to the actual voice of the talking donkey in the bible, claims The Donkey. Ironically, the character of Shrek, which was voiced by Mike Myers, sounds like his owner Balaam but without a Scottish accent. He also points out that the donkey doesn't have a proper name, just like him.

The talking donkey also is suing for damages and pain and suffering. "They have me mating with a dragon, which is against my religious faith. They have caused me undue suffering with my family and my professional image."

Previous Litigation with CBS

For years the Talking Donkey had tried suing CBS for their show Mr. Ed, but because he wasn't actually a donkey, and was a horse, his case was dismissed.

A representative for Dream Works had this to say, "We get thousands of scripts a year. I don't remember this at all. But we were doing a lot of cocaine at the time."


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