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Rev. Jim Bakker: Vaccines will cause evolution in unborn fetuses.

Now that the USA is getting vaccinated, there are still anti-vaxxers, naysayers and people upset that the attention is off of them are vocal against getting the vaccine..

Jim Bakker impersonating a befuddled science community.

Branson, MO. The evangelical right are getting all in a tizzy because someone has decided to postpone end times by inventing a vaccine to the Pandemic that could wipe out most of the population, and wanting the spotlight the most is disgraced televangelist, and guy who got his look from a grade school Vice-principal, Jim Bakker.

"If you want to fall for the left-wing, socialist conspiracy of vaccines, you'll be forced to participate, against your freedom, in darwinian evolution." said Rev. Bakker.

When a member of the science community was consulted about the quote, they had this to say, "Quit giving time to these assholes. You know you don't have to report on every asinine thing they say. You are doing a disservice to people and the integrity of the scientific community. Now fuck off."

When further pressing Rev. Bakker he just shouted 'Heretic' and then tried to sell me "Hair and Tick" shampoo. It was a new product that his Church was selling.


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