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Pope Francis: Post COVID-19 women should be allowed to go to work.

Against his better judgement, Pope Francis has decreed that because of the economic and global disaster that this pandemic has brought, women should be allowed to work.

Vatican City, VA. Pope Francis met with his special task force on societal issues yesterday and after long deliberations about how the economy will recover in a post-COVID19 world, they had come to the conclusion that to maintain a healthy economy, women must enter the work place.

As much as the bible tells us that women are property, we must now cast aside archaic notions and allow women to work to help bring in much needed income to help the world recover.

"There are plenty of jobs that women are uniquely qualified for." said the Pope, "Day care workers, waitresses and short order cooks, elementary school teachers and even product testers."

He is not advocating they go into the work force full-time, because he feels that they should still be available to be subservient to their husbands and slave to her many children. And they certainly cannot be clergy, because women are less likely to abuse little children.

When reminding him that women have been in the work force for century and have contributed greatly, he just laughed and said, "Because one women discovered Radium by accident, doesn't mean that all of them are useful."


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