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Muslims mistake SD Comic Con as heaven due to abundance of virgins.

For the last few years Muslims have making a pilgrimage to the San Diego comic con because they keep mistaking it for Jannah, the level of heaven where they receive 72 virgins.

San Diego, CA. Known as the largest comic book convention in the world, The San Diego Comic con has grown into one of the biggest promoters for games, movies and of course comics. Every July, thousands upon thousands of Muslims make the trek to the Southern California event confused that it is the pathway to heaven because of the many upon many of virgins that attend.

"They come and just want to know where the virgins are." said one Merchant. "I just hold my hands out to the crowd like Moses trying to part the red sea."

Each year, so far, all the Muslims have done is just sit and stare with incredulity at the fact that their Jannah (heaven) would even resemble a place like this.

"I'm not sure what the great one has in store for us," said one of the Muslim pilgrims, "but I'm positive that it's not this shit show. These people haven't even bathed. No wonder they're virgins."

The muslim population has increased so dramatically, they have even been identified as a viable target market, and have started to cater to them in ways of confection and entertainment. "I've been assured by that greasy fat man that these 'hotdogs' on a are actually halal." remarked one Muslim. "and quite tasty."

And even a new Muslim comic, la ilaha illa'llah was released this year where the superhero punishes infidels and allows women to drive cars. "It is very racy." said one attendant.

When they were told that it wasn't actually heaven, but just a entertainment market that catered to a lot of virgins, they all let out a big happy cry, thanked their god and were on their way, muttering something about avoiding apostasy. It looks like the San Diego Comic Con are losing a sizable demographic.


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