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Missionary eaten after cannibalistic tribe mistake him for Body of Christ.

A missionary was cooked alive when he tried to teach one of the last unspoiled cannibalistic tribes about the Eucharist.

BRAZIL. The Amazon. Juno Freemont, A Catholic missionary who was seeking to spread the word of Jesus to the Yagua Tribe, one of the last remaining unspoiled indigenous tribes in the Amazon, was cooked and eaten when they mistook him for the body of Christ. His intention at the time was to provide to them absolution for their simple Jesus-like wicked ways.

"Boy, is my face red." said Freemont, as he shared his last words, "I thought if I went straight to eating the flesh of Christ to a cannibalistic tribe, they would grasp the word easier."

About once a year missionaries try to infiltrate the one of 77 indigenous tribes who have given up all worldly goods, respect the land and each other, and live a simple life of hunting and fucking in order to convince them that they are sinners and they should accept Jesus Christ and live as he did.

Members of the Yagua tribe requesting more Missionaries.

Due to contrary belief, the tribe doesn't seem to mind them visiting every so often, they end up with protein during the sparse times, something different on the menu than the regular fare from the forest and the missionary meat lasts for a few days. In fact, If they had their druthers, missionaries would visit more often.


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