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Ken Copeland: Jesus Christ wants me to be the first Billionaire preacher.

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Kenneth Copeland finally revealed Christ's plan for him. And you guessed it, It's money.

With a net worth of $760 Million dollars, Kenneth Copeland, of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, wants to be the first Billionaire televangelist and he got his permission to do so by none other than: Jesus Christ.

He got the idea from Kylie Jenner, who was close to becoming a billionaire and her fans were just throwing money at her. He looked at her bank account and at his bank account and it didn't seem fair to him that a woman, and one who's father is a sinner, should have more money than him.

Now he is asking his parishioners to fork over more money because Jesus doesn't want him losing to a woman.

"Jesus has given me so much." said Copeland, "Now if he can give me just a little bit more."

He then said something else, but we couldn't get it because the private casino on the private jet he was flying to his private island in made a noise.

For every dollar you send Kenneth Copeland Ministries, it's a dollar in your pocket for Jesus' love and understanding. Make him the first Billionaire Televangelist.


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