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Christian cake baker upset he's denied service for not wearing mask.

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

The Christian Cake maker who denied a gay couple a wedding cake in 2018 is upset that he is being denied service in a business for not wearing a mask during a global pandemic.

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James Baker, former owner of Master Cake Cake Shop is in the news once again because he was refused service at a convenience store because he wasn't wearing a mask to protect himself and others incase he spread the coronavirus.

"It's because I'm a white, Christian male, isn't it?" Baker said, "We are the most hated and prosecuted people in the history of this great Christian nation."

Well, to show the convenience store that he means business, he plans on staging a protest outside and preventing others from patronizing the store in an effort to put the store out of business. When asked why he doesn't just get his Pabst Blue Ribbon beer at the CVS or Walgreens across the street, he responded with, "This is America. I should be able to get my beer where I want to get my beer and not have some [immigrant] preventing me from doing that."

"He just wants to destroy everything American." said Baker, who rocketed to fame in 2018 when he refused to sell a wedding cake to a homosexual couple, even though it wasn't for them. "They could try to sneak off and get married and I can't be a part of that." Since then, his business failed because it was boycotted by the Wedding Planning industry which is sympathetic to LGBTQ lifestyles and has been living on government assistance since.

It turns out that the owner of the Korner Qwik Mart convenience store is Jay Ruparella, a third generation Sikh-American who has not only owns the store, but 4 others, employs 30 people, served and decorated in the military along with his wife, fought in two wars, and both his sons and daughter also serve. As well his mother has a compromised immune system at the hospice center he volunteers at, and doesn't want to take the virus home to them.

"He has been coming to me for years. I told him that I would put it outside for him, and keep a tab and he can pay me later." said Ruparella. "When he called me unAmerican, I deescalated the situation and said, he could have the beer, and leave it at that. I don't know what he wants?"

Baker stood outside and yelled 'Snowflake' and ethnic slurs that didn't apply to him at the top of his lungs for a few minutes, stamping his foot on the ground and then sitting crosslegged and puffing out his cheeks giving the illusion he was holding his breath until the police came. They asked what was going on. When he told him, the police suggested he go home to which Baker responded, "Am I in Russia? Are you going to arrest me comrade?"

Eventually Baker got tired and decided to try to annoy another ethnically diverse owned store, this time a Jamaican American owned Roti shop.


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