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BREAKING: Noah's Ark found under a massive pile of dead baby corpses.

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Noah's Ark has been found buried under thousands of corpses, most of them babies.

Artist's Rendition of the view from Noah's Ark. By Ingenuity Studios

Mt. Ararat, Turkey. Fabled Animal charter Noah's Ark has been found deep inside Mt. Ararat buried under a hundreds of thousands of corpses and bones. It looks like after the waters have receded, the water currant dragged all the bodies toward the final resting place and funneled all the babies to the top. The ark was buried deep within a cave surrounded by every dead person on the planet at the time except 8 people.

The archeologists from the Phariseeswhereitgoes Foundation used sonar to discover the large object deep within the mountain. When they identified it as a large boat, they went to work and opened the sealed mountain where they found the thousands upon thousands of dead bodies.

"We dug and dug through all those baby bodies." said Chief archeologist and historian Akbar Harrearhog, "All I could think of was, 'Oh, the humanity.'"

It took several years to dig through all the bones until they finally came upon the ark. Then using some sort of science, they dated the ark at 2348 BCE when the great deluge happened. "There were no signs of animal feces or in fact any real evidence that the animals were even there, or that it was indeed the ark, or in fact that it was even a boat. But hey, why not."


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