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BREAKING: Devil practices fiddling skills, challenges all Georgians.

Ever since his defeat during the battle of the fiddles, the Devil has vowed for a rematch against Johnny, but has extended his invitation to all Georgians.

PRELUDE: A disappointed Devil once arrived in Georgia, apparently "way behind" on stealing souls, when he comes upon a young man named Johnny who was playing a fiddle, and quite well. Out of desperation, the Devil, who claimed to also be a fiddle player, wagered a fiddle of gold against Johnny's soul to see who was the better fiddler. Although Johnny believed taking the Devil's bet might be a sin, he fearlessly accepted, confidently boasting that "I'm the best that's ever been." The Devil played first, backed by a band of demon musicians. When finished, Johnny complimented him and took his own turn and won. Realizing he had been defeated, the devil laid his golden fiddle at Johnny's feet. Johnny then invited the devil to "c'mon back if y'ever wanna try again" before repeating his claim to be "the best that's ever been."


After his defeat, the devil went back to school to learn the basics. His hubris has already cost him a solid gold violin, and a soul. He wasn't going to let that happen again.

"He's not a bad student. He's pretty text book," said music teacher Janie Archambult, "although his passion comes from the ultimate revenge or retrieving his solid gold violin and Johnny's soul. But is he the best? Not yet."
The Devil in Ms. Archambult's beginner violin class.

The Devil knows that he isn't going to defeat Johnny in the rematch unless he gets some real competitive practice in, and this is why he has called for all Georgians to come out and compete against him.

"I look at it like the fiddlin' olympics." commented the Devil. "The more I practice, the better I will become and then I will HAVE MY REVENGE ON JOHNNY!"

To which Ms. Archambult just ever so slightly shook her head. It looks like the Devil has a long way to go, and he better hurry, Johnny is getting up there, and won't be long for this world.


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