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Your family can be a contestant on Season 2 of: Survive God's Wrath.

THIS FALL: 12 Families are pitted against each other in a fight for survival and the family that wins is allowed to live on a wooden boat after God destroys Earth's population.

Fox's new game show, Survive God's Wrath is the next game show sensation where 12 families go through a grueling test of endurance and stamina as they take on several tasks to prove themselves to God that they are worth surviving another Global Flood.

Some of the tasks that they will have to do is, shovel shit, hold their breath, eat bugs, and zip line. They will have to work together as they go through simulated typhoons and hurricanes, stampedes and animal fights.

After ten families are eliminated, the final two families are put into isolation for 40 days and nights where they are tested for mental stamina and are forced to fight off dementia and incest.

The final family will win an all expense paid trip in the ark and two animals of every species and float around the world for 40 days. At the end of the time on the ark, they will have to repopulate Earth.

To become a contestant got to


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