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Vicious Church Gang terrorizes servers at Family Brunch Place.

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

A vicious church gang descended on the 'Egg Them On' restaurant on Sunday after mass and gave servers a hard time, barely ordered, and sat there for 2 hours.

Houston, TX. The servers in the restaurant 'Egg Them On' will never be the same again after a gang of church goers from the First Church of the Trinity Blessed descended on the unsuspecting restaurant and then ironically, hell followed.

The group consisted of fourteen women in their 30's to 60's, who decided, to pull their own tables together without letting the severs know, but only after they moved other diners to different seats. Somehow all of them were named Karen. When they settled, they all ordered either coffee or tea. Then after an hour, a small plate of french fries, which they all shared. They were also quite demanding with the refills or extra hot water.

"The line up for the restaurant was around the corner." said Hedda North, the head server. "Karen was unmovable, like Samson or the Tower of Babel, whose laugh reminded me of the monkey cage at the zoo."

When asked if they were going to order anything else, Karen told her to leave a menu, "We might." but never opened the menu again. In the end, after they took up prime brunch-time real estate for over two hours, and the bill for all fourteen people totaled $27.45.

"Can we have separate checks?" Karen asked. "And split the fries into 13, Karen I got you."

Then each of them proceeded to pay with a credit card. When the dust had cleared and the table eventually departed, Hedda was relieved to see that they left a $20 tip on a $27.00 bill. Her frustrated smile melted when she discovered that in reality, they didn't leave a tip, but a fake $20 bill that hid a Christian tract.

The Brunch place 'Egg Them On.' has now since closed.


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