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Church annoyed after '$20 donation' turned out to be lecture on Evolution.

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

The first Church of the Trinity Blessed was appalled because an atheist has infiltrated the sanctity of the Church and left a 'fake' donation after the services.

Birmingham, AL. The First Church of the Trinity Blessed was the victim of a blasphemer who decided to bilk the church of it's tithe and instead try to teach the leaders about the evils of evolution instead.

"How dare they try to educate us with science!" exclaimed Pastor Gregory Frontbottom. "This must be some sort of criminal offense, I'm Christian, and I don't like what they've done."

After he found the message of science, Pastor Frontbottom ripped it up into several pieces and threw it in the trash at which time he told this reporter, "If you believe in evolution so much, let's see that reform into a paper." After I explained to him that's not how evolution works, he came back with this, "That's the thing, no one knows how evolution works." To which I educated him that it's been proven and, that there are professions like evolutionary biology, and they know how evolution works. Only to have him reply, "That's not a real thing."

When reminded that the fake $20 bill scam started as a way for Christians to proselytize to people by thinking they were picking up money, when in reality it was just a message that they care about money, Pastor Frontbottom had this to say, "We were trying to save people's souls, by not only fooling them into reading a message from us, but then hoping that they would take $20 that they didn't find but earned and give it to us instead. What is wrong with that?"

Frontbottom was confronted with a Business Insider story that exclaims that the fake $20's were left as tips in restaurants instead of giving real money that the waitstaff earned and this is probably why the retaliation. "The gift of Jesus is worth more than $20. it's worth your life's soul, unless of course you are giving it to us, then it's important that it's real money."

If you wish to download and print up a sample of this, click here.


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