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Paula White, Trump's Spiritual Advisor, turned into a pillar of salt before our eyes.

Televangelist Paula White, was turned into a pillar of salt when she tried to preach that everyone who didn't think that Trump was the second coming was going to hell.

Washington, DC. During a sermon earlier this year, Paula White asked Jesus Christ to condemn all anti-Trumpers go to hell if they weren't on his side and wanted to see him removed from office. For those under a rock, President Donald Trump was been impeached by the House and is currently in trial under the Senate.

Saying that she had a personal conduit to Jesus, Paula then began smiting all of those who opposed the current president saying that Trump was the second coming and anointed by Jesus himself. Reverend Henry Gravish, A spiritual expert, was consulted as to why she would turn into a pillar of salt, like Lot's wife as mentioned in Genesis 19.

"It's not surprising," Gravish said, "She won't turn away from the horrible and sinful nature of the Trump administration, which is a modern day Sodom."

Paula White certainly wasn't Trump's first choice for spiritual advisor, considering her limited exposure on television, but she was the one he wanted to fuck.


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