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Quick-thinking Nuns exorcise woman selling devil's food cake at bake sale.

Things have never been the same for The First Church of the Trinity Blessed since the incident.

Artist's Recreation of the Incident.

MOBILE, AL, It was a dark day for the church's bake sale when Miss Corrie Fremont tried to sneak into a five layer devil's food cake and sell it amongst the heavenly goodness. At first she just tried to pass it off as a regular chocolate cake, but was quickly found out by Karen Dupont, the woman she shared the table with, and was told on.

"You can tell she was up to no good. She wanted people to taste a sample of the cake, to lure them in." said Ms. Dupont. "She would shout out, first one's free."

It was then that Sister Mary Francis came over and started to convulse. She knew right away that it was Satan's Chocolate and threw up her cross yelling, "Anti-Cake!" The alarm was sounded and the entire church seemed to move like a well-oiled machine. The people quickly moved to their muster stations and went directly into their emergency lock-down procedures.

Sister Mary Rambo ran to the angel food cake booth and started throwing them at Miss Fremont, pelting her with spongy goodness. At first Corrie was dodging them left and right, but when others joined in the fray, it became too much for Miss Fremont.

Mrs. Ruth Jenkin's prize-winning Angel Food Cake.

After the church was littered with berries and sponge, and the smoke cleared, it was Mrs. Ruth Jenkins prize-winning Angel food cake that brought her down. "There is a reason that my cakes win every year. It'll slay the devil."

When asked, Miss Fremont had this to say, "All they do is make the same-old, boring angel food cake. Pardon me for bringing something fucking different."


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