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Pat Robertson upset he may die before the world ends in the rapture.

With the Christian Televangelist having just celebrated his 90th birthday, he may not see the rapture and it is upsetting him.

All his life Pat Robertson has devoted his life to his ministry and has took it upon himself to ostracize everyone who wasn't Christian, now that he is as old as Methuselah, he has only one regret: No, it's not that he performed sham faith-healing to thousands of people, and it's not that he is opposed to Feminism, homosexuality, abortion and liberalism, it's that he won't live long enough to see the world destroy itself in the rapture.

"It's no secret that I want everyone and everything to burn to the ground in wicked hell-fire with people being torn apart, the skies falling and the vicious beasts rise up and destroy all of the unbelievers." said Robertson in a recent interview. "I'll just be sorry that I may not be here to watch it."

Pat Robertson has made outspoken opinions with respect to religion, politics and several other subjects. Many of his statements have stirred controversy and several have been headline news in the United States, and elsewhere. Many of these comments have been made on his daily talk show,The 700 Club.

Should, for whatever reason, the world does end because of the coronavirus outbreak, then Pat Roberston will be as happy a clam. "What's the point of being in a death cult if you don't get to see homosexual atheists and Godless Jews tear each other apart over a nice piece of chicken?"

Because of this, he is encouraging his flock to go out into the world and gather in groups in churches so the disease continues to spread. Because as much as he feels God wants to destroy mankind, he feels he must also do his part.


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