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Pat Robertson accidentally reveals his vestigial tail signaling end times.

While on vacation in Florida, Pat Robertson leaned over and revealed a shocking secret: He has a vestigial tail.

Pat Robertson, the owner of the 700 Club and a proud denier of evolution accidentally revealed today that he had a vestigial tail.


According to the bible, Ezekiel 3:5, "The one that is shaped like a beast shall bring about the end of time through false hope." Even though it says nothing about a vestigial tale in the bible, it does mention being shaped like a beast. "If this isn't definite proof that it is end times, I don't know what is?" said Televangelist Kenneth Copeland.

"I've always had a feeling out of all of us, who was going to bring down the end of the world, it was going to be Pat." said Mega Church Pastor Joel Osteen, "He's just got the goods."

There is no time mentioned when the events are going to happen. The recent outbreak of coronavirus has these Televangelist mega-preachers hopeful that end times are imminent.

An evolutionary biologist commented that the tail was left over from his time in the womb when he was a fetus and it is part of our evolution from when we once had tails. But the religious community isn't buying it, this is definitely end times to them.


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