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Jesus' personal AR15 sold for $250,000 at auction.

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

The AR15 that Jesus personally owned sold for a whopping $250,000 dollars at Auction.

Sothebys had an auction recently where it sold off some highly sought after Christian Relics that were a part of a private collection of a Billionaire from Texas. Amongst those artifacts were items that were attributed directly to Jesus himself from his high school days.

One of the more interesting items was the AR15 that Jesus personally owned as a holy crusader in Galilee. The rifle, which was used in several holy wars was restored to a pristine condition. The COA showed several facts that proved the gun was indeed Jesus', including the engraving on the magazine chamber. which reads, "Slaves, accept the authority of your masters."

The rifle went for a lot less than anticipated, partially because Sotheby's requires a background check for those who are buying firearms by auctions.

Other items up for auction: Mary's birth control pills and the bridge Joseph bought.


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