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Evangelical Christians protest: Close Reality Conversion Therapy Centers.

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Evangelical Christians are now protesting the USA's libraries stating that they don't want their tax money going to buying books on anti-Christian topics like abortion or Critical Thinking.

Houston, TX. A crowd of several thousand Evangelicals gathered outside the Houston Public Library on McKinney Street downtown to protest the closing of what they call 'Reality Conversion Therapy Centers.'

The main reason for the protest is that they don't want government money going to pay for books on abortion or atheism. When they were told that only 100 or so books out of the tens of thousands of books that are purchased for the library discuss topics like alternative religions, abortion or critical thinking, they became rowdy and loud.

"Everything you need to know is in the bible. Anything else is wicked and evil." said Karen Strongfeld, home schooled. Graduate of Marjorie.

When reminded that the library has books that contain more than what the bible reveals, like geography and history, the crowd got angry because most have never been out of the United States. "We don't travel to countries because: freedom." stated a protestor. "And all the history you need is right there. Nothing important happened after 500 A.D.."

During the protest, the crowd tried to prevent grade-school aged children by entering the libraries by throwing eggs and trash at them. The police stepped in and arrested those who became violent. "Screw the children, they aren't in the womb." said Karen.

March 5th 2020 - one month after the post.


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