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Christians: "Ban Harry Potter 'devil books', pray on our book of magic instead."

Christian leaders still have a hard-on for the Harry Potter books calling them evil because they are full of magic, and want you to read their book of magic instead.

In the United States and abroad, Christian leaders and followers have protested the sale of Harry Potter books because they are full of magic and wizardry, which they think is linked to the devil. Even though the characters in the book are using their magic to fight off evil, it doesn't matter, because that brand of magic is different from their brand of magic.

"There is one spell where all this food appears on the table for the children to eat. Cakes, cookies, pies." explained Deacon Taylor Mercury-May "We know that you can only multiply loaves and fish."

They point out that several of the spells are different in the books than the bible. Breathing underwater, healing animals, etc. "These are just evil incarnate." continues Mercury-may, "You don't know what you are talking about. And the ability to talk to people beyond the grave, only the many people resurrected by Lazarus can do that."

Mercury-May continued to explain that the events of the bible was not 'magic' but indeed miracles.

"The Angel of Death was sent there on purpose by God to kill babies that lived in places that didn't have blood on the doors, not to fight a child going through magical puberty."


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