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BREAKING: Cancer in babies is God's way of saying, "I don't exist."

Of the myriad of different explanations of proof that a god doesn't exist, the most prolific is that babies are born with cancer or other life-threatening maladies.

Atheists all around the world feel that there is a lack of evidence that points to an all powerful god that lives outside of time and space but controls everything in time and space. Theists all around the world feel that there is a god, and that they control everything, and is all-loving.

When pointing out the dichotomy of how could a god be all-loving, and yet cause such heartache as having babies with cancer, theists are at a loss to explain. They use phrases like, 'We couldn't possibly know the mind of God." yet continue to speak for him. Or "You are taking it out of context.", when talking about the bible, YET assume that their understanding of context is the correct one. A typical theist confirmation bias.


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