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Archangel Gabriel's bowling team makes finals: expect thunderstorms.

The archangel Gabriel's bowling team The Pearly Gate Crashers has made the celestial finals in The Heaven Open. Expect an abundance of bad weather in the coming weeks.

In a close game against Archangel Michael's team, The Cloud Gazers, The Archangel Gabriel's team The Pearly Gate Crashers have crushed them in a 4-3 victory making it the first time The Pearly Gate Crashers have advanced to the finals in the history of the sport.

"This is a very proud moment for us." said the Archangel Gabriel, "We worked hard to be here. We really feel we can take on God's Domain."

God's Domain of course it the bowling team lead by God and the winner of every Heaven Open since inception. "We are very excited to be playing against Gabriel." said God, "They are a good team and we hope that they will give us a challenge."

God has a few members on the disabled list and his margin of winning has slipped from perfect games to perfect games, but in slightly less time. There could be a chance for the Crashers.

The last time there was even a chance at God losing, the thunderstorms and rains were so bad, the world had flooded destroying every man, woman and child except 8 of them and every animal except 2 of every species.

"I was having a some personal issues." said God. 'My creation was wicked. My mind was elsewhere."

The question that is on everyone's mind, is God distracted this time?


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