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Thrifty Rabbi makes furniture and accessories out of foreskins.

Rabbi Schmule Rosenfeltz, a mohel, which is a Jew trained in the covenant of circumcision, has created a new business out of the discarded foreskins of the babies - Furniture and Clothing accessories.

A very enterprising Jew has started a new business making products out of babies foreskins. According to statistics, thousands of new baby boys are circumcised every year and they just discard the foreskin. Now you can send it in to NuSkins, a company that will take that foreskin and create wonderful, functional furniture or accessories.

"I was doing at least a hundred bris' a year and my wife is a recycler. So I thought, why not?" said Rabbi Rosenfeltz "Make a little extra money on the side, is that so wrong?"

One of the bonuses of furniture and accessories made out of foreskins is their ability to grow when stroked. So if you buy a NuSkins love seat, a few strokes and it's a full couch. Wallets become purses, jackets become overcoats. "The possibilities are endless." remarked Rabbi Rosenfeltz.

When reminded that this practice was gross, Rabbi Rosenfeltz just threw up his hand and said, "A cow carcass hanging off your body is fine, but the species you're from is not?"

The factory runs 24/7 because it takes a lot of people to sew together really tiny pieces of human flesh. They have really fine needles.

This is a parody link, but to see the original line of clothing and furniture from Butterfly FX Studios - Here is their link.


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