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Riots as US ends Christian privilege. 82% of 'believers' become atheist.

A long time ago people had discovered that they will get stuff if they pretend to believe in childish things. In the USA, it's a protected class of people. Well no more.

To remain that protected class, all theists had to do is attribute everything that is good happening to the world as God is rewarding us, and everything bad as God is punishing us. That's it. But since the Trump administration has ended Christian privilege, Christians don't see the need to pretend to be Christian any more and have given up the religion.

When asked if there were at least some people who gave up Christianity believed in God, a whistleblower had this to say,

"If you're older, maybe. But people haven't actually believed in Jesus since the early 1900's. When you have that much political and social power you don't just give that up."

Since Christian privilege was a staple in the America since just after it was founded, it's going to be hard to get rid of the uselessness it has brought. Schools can go back to teaching science without question, and stupid arguments over statues with scriptures etched into it can finally be resolved. All the churches that have taken up a lot of real estate tax free are going to be turned into affordable housing.

Those who remain Christian, are going to do it because they actually want to believe in the teaching of Christ, and not that they are a protected class. They are considered on equal footing with the other worldly religions in the US.


There certainly is going to be an uprising, as with all people who lose power. There certainly are people who want to continue to tell people how to live, who they can have sex with, and what they can do with their bodies. Some states like Arkansas are holding their breath until their collective faces turns blue.

Joel Osteen has is now selling used cars.


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