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God is a slumlord. Adam and Eve describe Garden of Eden as a total 'shit hole'.

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Adam and Eve has filed a grievance with the Landlord/Tenant Tribunal about the living conditions of The Garden of Eden.

Adam and Eve had to leave their home in Paradise because the living conditions were so bad, that they couldn't handle it. They are suing God, the landlord of 'The Garden of Eden' apartments for gross negligence and unlivable conditions.

“You would think just by the name that Garden of Eden would be a magical place to live? It was horrible. A nightmare. Hardly paradise.” says Adam.

The place was infected with reptiles. When asked to comment, God simply said, "They saw the place. The signed the lease. They are just upset that I initiated eviction proceedings on them because they broke the rules about eating the fruit from the trees." he continued, 'They would throw parties day and night. Acted in a way that no tenant should act."

The hearing at the Landlord/Tenant Tribunal will be on April 4th.


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