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Four year-old atheist sent to room for too much critical thinking.

When a four-year old asked questions that his theist parents couldn't answer, he was sent to his room without dinner.

Harland Jessop, aged 4, asking the real questions.

Harland Jessop, is one plucky little four year-old. Every question that comes out of that little rascal's mouth starts with 'Why?'. 'Why is the sky blue?', "Why does an orange man run the country?', 'Why aren't there dinosaurs anymore?' it a wonderful time for exploration of the mind. Which is why Charles and Wendy Jessop of Charleston, SC were shocked when Harland asked, 'Why would an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent creator of the universe need a nose to breathe? Wouldn't he have existed before there was air?" Harland was scolded for critical thinking.

"How dare you question things that don't make sense to you!" said Charles Jessop, Harland's father. "Go to your room."

But then Harland asked why he had to go to his room when had sources to back up his claim, "The bible says Man was created in God's image, (Gen 1:27) but why would a God need to breathe air if he existed before air existed?"

"Because I said so." replied Charles. Harland then had his toys taken away and was left with only his children's visual bible. "You'll stay in here until you read the whole thing."


After several hours Jessop emerged from his room after reading the entire children's visual bible. When Jessop's parents asked him if he read the whole book, he and this to say, "How did animals, like kangaroos, that are indigenous to islands make their way over to Noah and the ark? I'm a little incredulous."

After they looked up the word 'incredulous', Charles Jessop enrolled Harland into Jesus Camp, where he will learn everything he needs to know about becoming one with Christ and not question authority and the bible.


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