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Communion Wafers to be sponsored by IHOP and taste like pancakes.

In an effort to bring in the Post-church crowd, IHOP will now sponsor communion wafers.

In the latest marketing venture for the International House of Pancakes, they have decided to sponsor communions wafers by making them taste like pancakes and syrup. "We want to increase the after church crowd and sponsoring more than just the one day year, 'Pancake Tuesday' isn't enough for us." said VP of Marketing Simon Druthers.

"Pancake Tuesday gets us a lot of business, but not enough to sustain us. This is why we want to be in the mouths and minds of Catholics all over the USA." said Druthers.

There will be a few flavors, Plain, buttermilk, blueberry. And one with a bacon flavor for that authentic 'Body of Christ' experience. "Transubstancilicous."

This new venture is going to cost around $100m in product, media buys and creative. "Sundays should be about pancakes and Christ". said Druthers. "That's our new campaign. You like it?"


When asked if there was going to be a problem with the name IHOP and that Christ was nailed by his feet, Druthers had this to say. 'Fuck.'

Look for the new tasty communion wafers to be released around Easter time.


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