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Collision Course: In 2021 Flat Earth heading for a crack in Uranus.

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Scientists have discovered that the Earth is breaking out of orbit and will, over the course of several years, get caught in a crack on Uranus' surface.

After the careful doing of science, it was discovered that in 2021, due to the orbit of Uranus' proximity to Earth, and the lesser gravity that the Earth would have because it is not a sphere, the Earth is not on a collision course will crash into Uranus destroying all life.

"We were so wrong about the Earth being round," said scientist Henry Rathwood, "All the pictures from space, math, calculations of satellites, NASA, and findings other people who have devoted their entire lives to this were wrong. It turns out that the unemployed guy who lives in his mother's basement was right, the Earth was flat all along. It's a good thing science is self correcting."

The scientists of Earth are suggesting you get your affairs in order because this will be it, the destruction of the planet and is not just a juvenile play on words.


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