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Baphomet reminds people that he is still a demon and only a part-time accountant to make ends meet.

If you are looking to worship a member of the hierarchy of hell or figure out what is a write off on your taxes, then Baphomet is the deity for you.

Even though the amount of people who have joined the Church of Satan has increased since Aleister Crowley, but there still isn't enough for Baphomet to make ends meet, so he has taken up accounting to supplement his income.

"I've been way more successful as an accountant," says Baphomet "but my passion is still dark lord."

He has currently expanded his practice and has merged with the accounting firm of Rosen, Gregory and Baphomet, and service the Tri-state area. "We wanted a name on our door that was recognizable. We were skeptical at first, but he's bought in a lot of clients." said Rosen.

"There is no one that is better at administering the dark arts or understanding capital gains taxes than Baphomet." says Gregory.

You can worship at the altar of Satan or hire an accountant at


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