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Awkward Teenage Ray Comfort says he has proof God exists because he fits perfectly in a locker.

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Way back in the 1960's teenage Ray Comfort had proof God Existed.

Ray Comfort (16) singing his song, "Jesus is everywhere, even a locker."

1967, A teenage Ray Comfort, living in New Zealand, first discovered that he had proof of God when he was shoved into a locker for being weird.

As he sat there in the darkness he thought, "Wow, this locker is the perfect size to fit me. It has holes in the door so I can breathe and not die. It has acoustics so people can hear me when I call for help. It holds lunches which contain bananas."

Eventually the janitor freed Ray from his school prison, and Ray went home and founded The short-lived The Darkness Encroaches Ministries. Where he teamed up with Lani Tapu and preached the word of God.


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