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Pope accidentally spells it 'C'tholic' and summons Lovecraftian Demon.

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Not just anyone can summon a demon, only those who have a special connection to the underworld, and who better than the Pope.

Vatican City, ITALY. For Catholics the Pope symbolizes the closest human being to God. He is considered God messenger and what he says should be considered gospel. What they don't know is that he has a close connection to the Underworld as well.

For Centuries, the Pope has been the catalyst for allowing pedophile priests and child molesters to roam through the religion unimpeded. He's supported Nazi's, inquisitions, crusades and allowed AIDS to run rampant in Africa. He is a prime agent and a portal for anything dark and evil to enter the realm of the living.

According to Occultist Happy Juniperwish, "The more you practice evil, the easier it is for evil enter this realm through you. Well, the Pope is one of the more evil positions on the planet."

Among other positions that invite evil are: Any religious leader, Politician, TSA agent, Fox News Anchor. It's up to the individual to keep their evil portal abilities in check.

"We had a politician, I won't name names, but she was so evil, it started to manifest in her voice, and just a word or two from her was so shrill, it allowed racist evil into the world, and ultimately it was her undoing, as they voted for her opponent." said Juniperwish.

Now that C'tholic has entered the living world, we can expect Chaos and confusion, up will be down, right will be wrong, a Republican will be running as a Democrat. Don't let it fool you, but there is nothing we can do, according to Juniperwish, "We are already doomed."


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