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Jewish parents give birth to Muslim. Husband accuses wife of infidelity.

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

When the Rosenberg family had a new baby girl, they expected the event to be joyful, then when the child came out a different faith than they were, a lot of questions were raised.

When Haim Rosenberg and his wife Sarah had their second child, the husband was shocked and dismayed when their daughter, came out Muslim. Mrs. Rosenberg swears she doesn't know how this happened. Mr. Rosenberg claims it can be only one thing: Infidelity.

"I can't even look at her." Mr. Rosenberg exclaimed in a tearful exchange. Mrs. Rosenberg swears that she never had sex with anyone but her husband after she was married. When questioned about before she was married, she turned very hostile.

Mr. Rosenberg added, "She is Muslim! How do you explain that?" Now the Jewish people and Muslims have been known, from time to time, to be at conflict with each other in the middle east and abroad, but Mr. Rosenberg explains that is not the reason for his vitriol. He claims that he would be just as upset if the baby was Christian or Hindu.

The Rosenbergs are a reformed Jewish family who only go to synagogue on high holidays. He is going to look for the similarities between him and the child to help them get through this tough time, like not eating bacon, even though they eat bacon.

Family Acceptance.

Mr. Rosenberg is worried that the family is going to talk. And that he will hear through his mother what his grandmother and great aunts and uncles think about the situation.

"It's really none of their business." Mrs. Rosenberg commented, "They are really a bunch of busy-bodies who like to do nothing but butt into people's lives."

Mr. Rosenberg was already lambasted by his Uncle Rabbi Schmule for not being religious enough and that it wouldn't kill him to at least keep Friday night dinner.

Raise the baby as his own.

Even though the baby is of a different religion, Mr. Rosenberg has decided to raise the baby as his own child. "The child shouldn't suffer because of the sins of the parents." relayed Mr. Rosenberg.


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